COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Oct 25 , 2020


What a year! Covid-19 Response 2020

Last updated 25th October 2020

The pandemic has changed the face of retail and affected everybody in some way. We're no different. From the lockdown in March to the temporary isolations our staff have had to endure, the way we all run our businesses has been changing rapidly.

Part of our response was to create a COVID-19 Protection Plan for our staff and customers - and this is outlined below:

In Store Changes

  • We've increased our already 5 star rated hygiene practices to ensure that all areas a customer could touch are cleaned regularly.
  • You'll see us wearing our masks or visors at all times.
  • We may have to close at short notice if our staff are required at any stage to self-isolate. We know this is inconvenient for everyone but its a critical part of stopping the spread.
  • We've removed self-service items from our counter. If you need any extra sugar, milk, or anything else we will be happy to provide it from behind the counter.
  • We've opted to use masks and visors instead of a full shield screen - we ask that you are wearing your mask when you approach the counter.
  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser is always available on our counter and we encourage you to help yourself.
  • Please queue whilst maintaining social distance.
  • If you plan to use our seating area please check in using our QR code and the NHS Covid 19 Tracing App.
  • In the event of a localised lock down we will opt to not open the store. Whilst we do feel coffee is essential in life, a short hiatus for the protection of others is more important.
  • We've built a new website with online ordering to give you the opportunity to get your daily grind at home.

Butter Market, Hereford

As well as our own policies the Butter Market have put its own protections in place. Please ensure you observe social distancing throughout the market including the shared seating area.

A one-way system is in place at the market. Please follow the directions on the floor and enjoy the opportunity to discover some of the other traders.

Please note that some of the doorways have been changed to Entry/Exit only.

A note from Kim

We hope you stay safe, especially during the winter. If you can't get in to see us please keep our online coffee ordering system in mind to enjoy The Daily Grind flavours at home.

If you do pop in for your daily grind, you can be sure of a smile and friendly chat (smile may be hidden behind mask)

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